Bliss at the Backbar

Enjoy our signature in-house treatment as an add on to any service for $20.

Your skin will be hydrated and illuminated by an organic mini facial as your scalp gets massaged and your locks are infused with moisture. This perfect trio equates to Bliss.  We dare you not to fall in love with us a little bit more after this treatment.

  • Solo Bliss (15 min) $25
  • Add on Bliss (15 min) $20
  • Bliss and Blow Style (1h 15min) $50
  • Referral THANK YOU Bliss (15 min) $FREE

A la Carte Menu

Jam more love into your appointment. Add on all or any of our a la carte services during your visit.

  • Paraffin Hand – Heat and moisture work together to infuse stiff joints and soften dry hands. $5
  • Petite Mani – No need to neglect your nails.  Add this on and leave filed, buffed and glossy. $5
  • H20 Hair Repair –  Don’t want your time at the sink to end?  This treatment will add moisture, repair and relax your hair and your mind. $5
  • Brow Shape – Leave your brows to the pros.  They are too important to mess with. $15
  • Pro shield Hair Therapy –  Put back what you take out.  A great way to live!  Colour treated hair requires additional protein. Pro shield creates a noticeable difference in the quality of hair. $20

Hair Artistry (Cutting and Styling)

Communication verbal and nonverbal is an essential component of the process at Casablanca. Each hair service begins with a consultation.

  • Long Blowstyle (1h) $45
  • Cut Clean Up – no shampoo (30 min) $30
  • Women’s Haircut (1h Junior – Jane) $45
  • Women’s Haircut (1h Senior – Jenn/Francesca) $50
  • Women’s Haircut (45min Director – Kim) $65
  • Bang Trim (5min) $Free
  • Gents Cut (30min) $32
  • Child Cut – 12 and under (45min) $20
  • Dry Curls (45min) $45
  • Short Blowstyle (45min) $30
  • Braid (30Min) $25
  • Up Style (1hr) $75
  • Bridal Trial (1hr) $65
  • Bridal Style (1h 30min) $95

The art and science of colouring hair is subject to the condition or state of the canvas. Healthy hair is essential to the success of all colour treatments.

Many hair services have a varying cost.   Factors such as density, porosity, integrity and the overall state of the hair will affect  pricing.   Base prices are the only guideline referenced.

Therapy- Rx

  • Detox – Scalp and hair rejuvenation through exfoliation and stimulation. $25+
  • Strengthen – Follicular repair through the addition of protein. $25+
  • Nourish – Replenish moisture, eradicate environmental and internal damage. $15+

Volume/Lengthening Treatments (Hair Extensions)

Using hair extensions to alter volume and length opens up endless possibilities. With unlimited colour combinations and artistry there is no limit to the transformation extensions offer. Let’s face it there is nothing quite like instant gratification. Of course, Casablanca only offers installations that minimize damage and we only use 100% remi hair. We have sourced hair extensions that ensure that cost and time are not prohibitive. Each installation is unique and requires a consultation. We invite you to come in and have a conversation about your vision!

Smoothing/Texture Treatment

Safely reduce frizz and increase manageability for up to 12 weeks with 1 Agave Smoothing Treatment. With an exclusive Amino Acid Complex called Carbo-C, Agave Smoothing gently alters the hair’s disulphide bonds, reforming them to make the hair sleek & smooth. Agave plant sugars help hydrate & condition. Each treatment includes a take home Agave Shampoo and Conditioner.  $350  Best part, no nasty formaldehyde!

Brow Shaping

Brow shaping is an art and we combine it with relaxation. It’s unlike any brow appointment you have ever attended. The wax and technique used creates an experience and result that will leave you raving to all your friends.Hair removal is performed with Rica wax.  Rica contains natural anti-inflammatories, and doesn’t contain petroleum oils or colophony (yuck).  98% natural ingredients! It’s happy wax!

  • Facial Waxing $11+
  • Legs $40+
  • Arms $30+
  • Underarm $20
  • Back $15+
  • Bikini $25+

Skin Therapy

Your skin is the largest organ and the bodies first line of defence. We can teach you how to care for and improve your skin. With the use of natural ingredients, education, and over 40 years of experience with organic skin care our choice to partner with Eminence is a no brainer.

  • Consultation $25 (or applied to your Eminence purchase)
  • Xpress $60
  • Holy *!@#@* Treatment $90+  – cinnamon and paprika, for reals it’s HOT
  • Pumpkin and Yam Peel $40 – bye, bye sun damage * ask us about the results possible with a series

Try for yourself, come in and take the Eminence Challenge. Every participant takes home a little gift!

Hands and Feet

Our manicure and pedicure treatments care for the natural nail, cuticle, and overall condition and health of the nails, hands and feet.

  • Manicure $33
  • Pumpkin and Yam Hands Rx $20 delicious rejuvenation for sun damaged hands
  • Pedicure $48

Casablanca is the winner of 5 consecutive peoples choice awards for manicure and pedicure.